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Do Men Need to See a Plastic Surgeon?

As a plastic surgeon, I mainly treat women. Most women are comfortable these days with the idea of regularly seeing a plastic surgeon; whether for skin care, Botox, or surgery. Most men still feel intimidated to even walk into my office, though they are happy to walk into a gym and work on everything from the neck down. So let’s talk about that area above the neck – the face.

The skin, like the muscles in your body, is an organ. Its main job is to cover the muscles and vital organs with a resilient layer that is both durable and functional. The skin needs to sweat, protect, and defend us from bacterial and viral invaders. Like any other organ, it can deteriorate if not treated well. We know that muscles need regular exercise to stay strong, and likewise, the skin needs its own form of exercise to look and feel its best. Remember, the sun is responsible for a lot of skin aging, and most of the sun damage your skin gets occurs early in life. It is therefore never too early to try to counter that damage with good skin care.

In my office, we believe that everyone – male or female – needs to be doing something for his or her skin. Sunscreen is vital, even in the winter, but it does nothing to rejuvenate the skin. So think about going into a gym for the first time and seeing all of the equipment. It can be intimidating, and no one would expect for you to start on day one by using every piece of equipment. For that reason, when you come to our office (or other plastic surgery offices if you do not reside in North Carolina) we will evaluate you and put together a limited skin care routine that will help your skin look fresher and more youthful. Often this includes something like Retin-A or the newer anti-oxidants. Once you get comfortable with the routine – just like in the gym – we might add something to the mix to help the skin even further. Over time you will see that your skin looks better, and is tighter and more youthful.

Two things – does this work? Yes, but understand that it takes time. No one would walk into a gym and demand results after just one week of training.  Likewise, your skin will respond, but you’ll see the difference after a few months, not a few days. Second, are the results permanent? No, unless you keep with the program! When we stop exercising, our bodies get weaker. Similarly, when we stop taking care of our skin, the aging process will rear its ugly head. Taking care of any part of the body, whether it’s our abdominal muscles or the skin on our face, is a lifelong pursuit. There are no short cuts, despite what the glitzy ads in the mall say. And that brings me to our last point – the advertised skin products that claim to work wonders. Just like the TV ads for pieces of flimsy exercise equipment that claim overnight results, most of the products that you see advertised on TV or in magazines are just not effective. Plastic surgery offices we access to prescription-strength, medically tested products that do lead to real results. Go to a real gym and go to a real plastic surgeon – you will get results.

In the next blog I will talk about some of the treatments we do in the office that can take years off of one’s appearance.

Andrew M Schneider, MD, FACS
Forsyth Plastic Surgery, Winston Salem North Carolina

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